WETSEB 2021 Program:


Keynote speech 10:00-10:30 Prof. Andrea Bracciali, Stirling University – Scotland – UK:

On smart contracts design and verification evolution.

Session 1: Blockchain analysis and analytics
(Chair R. Tonelli)
10:30-10:50 Evaluating Machine-Learning Techniques for Detecting Smart Ponzi Schemes
10:50-11:10 Automatic Generation of Blockchain Agri-food Traceability Systems
11:10-11:30 What is your Distributed (Hyper)Ledger?
11:30-11:50 Investigation of Coronavirus impact on Blockchain and cryptocurrencies markets
Break 12:00-15:00
Session 2: Blockchain design and security
(Chair M. Ortu)
15:00-15:20 Design principles for constructing GDPR-compliant blockchain solutions
15:20-15:40 Opportunities and challenges of Blockchain-Oriented systems in the tourism industry.
15:40-16:00 SmartScan: An approach to detect Denial of Service Vulnerability in Ethereum Smart Contracts
16:00-16:20 Blockchain-Engineers Wanted: an Empirical Analysis on Required Skills, Education and Experience
Wrap-up and closing session 16:20-16:45


The workshop will use Clowdr,

here follow some further instruction to smoothly flow on clowdr during the WETSEB 2021 workshop.

Once you log in on clowdr you should be prompted with a “my conferences”
page where you can press the ICSE button to enter.

After clicking on it you’ll reach a page where you can press the WETSEB button
among others workshops.

There, down below in the central frame, you’ll have different “buttons”
which link to all the WETSEB talks.

According to the schedule, we’ll start with the Keynote Speech at 10:00
CET. After clicking the button you’ll find a “discussion Room” button
which will lead you to “the room” where you can “join” after setting
microphone and camera.

You’ll have also a chat on the right panel, but the discussion
can go on with mic and camera live.

To exit press “leave the room” and then to get back
to the main “WETSEB entrance” it is better to press the topmost
button (on the top-left side) “ICSE 2021 workshops”.

It will bring you back to Wetseb.
Please always use this button to get back to this point.

For the talks, we’ll try to strictly follow the schedule.
We replicated the same structure for each single talk for the discussion,
not for the presentation, so that pressing the appropriate button
for each talk you’ll be prompted with the pre-recorded video,
as well as with the discussion room button.

Please first watch the video and then join the discussion room afterwards.

The video length is visible when you enter the page. Videos are
between 10 and 15 minutes at most. After watching the video please
join into the discussion room. Since there may be synchronization
issues (every attendee will start asynchronously the video)
we will wait into the discussion room for about one minute to allow
all the attendees to join there.

On each “talk page”, down below, there is an “Event” section with the list
of talks and the time schedule, where you can press the wanted talk.
The “this item” is not clickable since you are already in that talk.

At the very end we are going to join into the WETSEB: Wrap-up and closing session.

We are also going to back up the workshop on zoom at this link (just for

We are also evaluating the possibility of using Clowdr on the “backstage”
option (on top left panel) in order to activate a full synchronous workshop.
directly on Monday.

Best regards
WETSEB 2021 organizers