Accepted Papers

Design principles for constructing GDPR-compliant blockchain solutions

(Maria Fernanda Molina, Gustavo Betarte and Carlos Luna)

Opportunities and challenges of Blockchain-Oriented systems in the tourism industry.

(Fabio Caddeo and Andrea Pinna)

SmartScan: An approach to detect Denial of Service Vulnerability in Ethereum Smart Contracts

(Noama Samreen and Manar Alalfi)

What is your Distributed (Hyper)Ledger?

(Remo Pareschi, Stefano Dalla Palma and Federico Zappone)

Evaluating Machine-Learning Techniques for Detecting Smart Ponzi Schemes

(Giacomo Ibba, Antonio Pierro and Marco Di Francesco)

Automatic Generation of Blockchain Agri-food Traceability Systems

(Lodovica Marchesi, Katiuscia Mannaro and Raffaele Porcu)

Blockchain-Engineers Wanted: an Empirical Analysis on Required Skills, Education and Experience

(Mohamad Kassab, Giuseppe Destefanis, Joanna DeFranco and Prince Pranav)

Investigation of Coronavirus impact on Blockchain and cryptocurrencies markets

(Stefano Vacca, Cecilia Lalatta Costerbosa, Alessandra Spada, Gianni Riotta and Nicola Uras)