Call for Papers

The 6th International Workshop on Blockchain Oriented Software Engineering (BOSE), held within SANER 2023 conference ( is aimed at gathering together researchers and practitioners to discuss the new challenges posed to software engineers by the new software technology supporting the various blockchains infrastructures. The focus of BOSE is on the (un-)application of specific software engineering development best practices to software revolving around Blockchain.

Motivations for this workshop are the ever-increasing interest both in the research community and in the industry on Blockchain and smart contracts principles and applications, being the management of cryptocurrencies the most popular topic. Furthermore, the last years have seen the creation of new and specialized languages for blockchain applications and smart contracts. These novelties call for specific tools, paradigms, principles, approaches and research to deal with it and for a specific Blockchain Oriented Software Engineering.


Workshop topics include, not exhaustively , the following:

  • Blockchain Oriented Software Engineering
  • Blockchain software analysis and re-engineering
  • Formal specification of Blockchain behavior
  • Agile and Lean processes for Blockchain software development
  • Tools for Blockchain software distributed development and community management
  • Smart Contracts re-engineering
  • Security and reliability in Blockchain and Smart Contracts
  • Smart Contract Testing (SCT)
  • Blockchain Transaction Testing (BTT) to ensure status integrity
  • Blockchain Software architecture, design notation and metamodels.
  • Smart Contracts Software architecture, design notation and metamodels.
  • Software Engineering for Blockchain Applications in Economy and Finance, Internet of Things, Notarization, Supply chain management, Web 3.0 – e-commerce, e-health, e-democracy, social networks, etc .



All workshop papers will be published in the SANER 2023 proceedings.

Instructions to authors follows SANER’s 2023 guidelines and can be found in the “Submissions” page.

Submission must be applied through the easychair facility for IWBOSE 2023 (see Submissions page).