Accepted Papers

Accepted papers will appear in SANER 2023 proceedings


Manuel Boi, Andrea Pinna and Maria Ilaria Lunesu: “Blockchain oracles for document certification. A case study.”


Giacomo Francesco Ibba and Matteo Vaccargiu: “Analysis of Users’ Most Discussed Topics and Trends on Blockchain Technologies and Smart Contracts”


Anjum Nazir, Michael Sing, Giuseppe Destefanis, Jamshed Memon, Rumyana Neykova, Mohamad Kassab and Roberto Tonelli:An Optimized Concurrent Proof of Authority Consensus Protocol”.


Giuseppe Antonio Pierro and Honore Mahugnon: An analysis of the Oracles used in Ethereum’s blockchain”


Petya Hristova Cvitic, Felix Dobslaw and Francisco Gomes de Oliveira Neto:Investigating Software Testing and Maintenance of Open-Source Distributed Ledger”