Accepted Papers

Accepted papers will appear in SANER 2022 proceedings


Jihyeon Kim, Dahyeon Jeong, Jisoo Kim and Eun-Sun Cho

Stone: A Privacy Policy Enforcement System for Smart Contracts


Maria Ilaria Lunesu, Alessandro Floris, Raimondo Cossu and Marco Uras:

A Blockchain-based Data Notarization System for Smart Mobility Services


Andrea Pinna and Roberto Tonelli

On the use of Petri nets in Smart Contracts modeling, generation, and verification.


Giacomo Francesco Ibba and Marco Ortu

Analysis Of The Relationship Between Smart Contracts’ Categories and Vulnerabilities


Giuseppe Antonio Pierro and Roberto Tonelli

Can Solana be the Solution to the Blockchain Scalability Problem?


Giuseppe Antonio Pierro and Andy Amoordon

A Tool to check the Ownership of Solana’s Smart Contracts


Henrique Rocha and John Businge

Blockchain-Oriented Software Variant Forks: A Preliminary Study.


Konstantinos Tsiounis and Kostas Kontogiannis

Goal and Policy Based Code Generation and Deployment of Smart Contracts