Reading courses are non-traditional courses of 6 CFU. These courses consider student’s autonomous study, under the guidance of a supervisor and with a final exam.
The reading course is focused on one of the most promising fields where Software Engineering should be applied: Blockchain applications. Blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum, have attracted significant attention in recent years.

The Blockchain is a decentralized ledger, shared with a peer-to-peer mechanism with no central authority, which can hold any information and can set rules on how this information is updated. The addition of new information (transactions) to the Blockchain is made by the nodes of a network through various possible consensus mechanisms. The Blockchain is a new software technology that can rely on open architectures, service-oriented architectures and software-as-a-service, business models, cloud computing, global development, software applications for mobile devices. The call is open. Please send a mail to prof. Marchesi to the following

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