Accepted Papers

2 Flavio Corradini, Alessandro Marcelletti, Andrea Morichetta, Barbara Re, Andrea Polini and Francesco Tiezzi. Flexible Execution of Multi-Party Business Processes on Blockchain

4 Morena Barboni, Andrea Morichetta and Andrea Polini. Smart Contract Testing: Challenges and Opportunities

7 Rayane Santos, Pamella Soares, Evandro Rodrigues, Amanda Silveira and Paulo Maia. How Blockchain and Microservices are Being Used Together: a Systematic Mapping Study

8 Darin Verheijke and Henrique Rocha. An Exploratory Study on Solidity Guards and Ether Exchange Constructs

11 Eivind Solberg Rydningen, Erika ├ůsberg, Letizia Jaccheri and Jingyue Li. Advantages and opportunities of the IOTA Tangle for Health Data Management: A Systematic Mapping Study

14 Giacomo Francesco Ibba. A Smart Contracts Repository for Top Trending Contracts

15 Remo Pareschi and Nicholas Pinelli. Social news aggregations and the Bitcoin: mapping their correlation through the three dimensions of content, sentiment and time