Accepted Papers

Accepted papers will appear in SANER 2021 proceedings

Sooyeon Lee and Eun-Sun Cho (Chungnam National University – South Korea)

Lightweight extension of an execution environment for safer function calls in Solidity/Ethereum Virtual Machine smart contracts


Luisanna Cocco and Katiuscia Mannaro (University of Cagliari – Italy)

A blockchain-based traceability system model for a typical Italian bread supply chain.


Faiz Ul Muram and Muhammad Atif Javed (Mälardalen University – Sweden)

Drone-Based Risk Management of Autonomous Systems Using Contracts and Blockchain



Giuseppe Antonio Pierro and Roberto Tonelli (INRIA Lille – Nord Europe – France and University of Cagliari – Italy)

Analysis of Source Code Duplication in Ethreum Smart Contracts


Andrea Pinna, Gavina Baralla, Michele Marchesi and Roberto Tonelli (University of Cagliari – Italy)

Raising Sustainability Awareness in Agile Blockchain-oriented Software Engineering


Giuseppe Antonio Pierro (INRIA Lille – Nord Europe – France)

Smart-Graph: Graphical Representations for Smart Contract on the Ethereum Blockchain


Nicola Uras and Marco Ortu (University of Cagliari – Italy)

Investigation of Blockchain Cryptocurrencies’ Price Movements Through Deep Learning: A Comparative Analysis


Mohamad Kassab and Giuseppe Destefanis (The Pennsylvania State University – USA and Brunel University – UK)

Blockchain and Contact Tracing Applications for COVID-19: The Opportunity and The Challenges