Accepted Papers

1 Alessandro Sebastian Podda and Livio Pompianu.

An overview of blockchain-based systems and smart contracts for digital coupons

2 Pengcheng Zhang, Jianan Yu and Shunhui Ji.

ADF-GA: Data Flow criterion Based Test Case Generation for Ethereum Smart Contracts

3 Nicola Uras, Giuseppe Destefanis and Stefano Vacca.

Investigation of Mutual-Influence among Blockchain Development Communities and Cryptocurrency Price Changes

4 Melina Katende.

Combining MQTT and Blockchain to improve Data Security

5 Luisanna Cocco, Andrea Pinna and Giacomo Meloni.

A Blockchain Oriented Software Application in the Revised Payments Service Directive context


Yin Lok Ho, Imran Ashraf, Zhengyuan Wei, Bo Jiang and W. K. Chan.

Technolgy Transfer of Fuzz Testing for Ethereum Smart Contracts: Intermediate Report