Accepted Papers

  1. Ethereum Query Language. Santiago Bragagnolo, Henrique Rocha and Marcus Denker
  2. SmartCheck: Static Analysis of Ethereum Smart Contracts. Sergei Tikhomirov, Ekaterina Voskresenskaya, Ivan Ivanitskiy, Ramil Takhaviev, Evgeny Marchenko and Yaroslav Aleksandrov
  3. NECTAR: Non-Interactive Smart Contract Protocol using Blockchain Technology. Alexandra Covaci, Simone Madeo, Patrick Motylinski and Stephane Vincent
  4. Evaluating Complexity and Digitizability of Regulations and Contracts for a Blockchain Application Design. Pradeepkumar D S, Kapil Singi, Vikrant Kaulgud and Sanjay Podder
  5. SHARVOT: secret SHARe-based VOTing on the blockchain. Silvia Bartolucci, Pauline Bernat and Daniel Joseph
  6. Towards Analyzing the Complexity Landscape of Solidity Based Ethereum Smart Contracts. Péter Hegedűs
  7. ReviewChain: Untampered Product Reviews on the Blockchain. Daniel Martens and Walid Maalej
  8. How Much Blockchain Do You Need? Towards a Concept for Building Hybrid DApp Architectures. Florian Wessling, Christopher Ehmke, Marc Hesenius and Volker Gruhn
  9. Proof-of-Property – A Lightweight and Scalable Blockchain Protocol. Christopher Ehmke, Florian Wessling and Christoph M. Friedrich
  10. Preliminary Steps Towards Modeling Blockchain-oriented Software. Henrique Rocha and Stephane Ducasse